Bulls, Bands, and London front cover
Bulls, Bands, and London is available for sale right now!

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“Couldn’t put it down the night I started reading it and was halfway through before I was forced to turn out the light for the night.” (from amazon.ca)

“John continues to pioneer and develop the travel novel concept and, once again, successfully achieves an entertaining journey…” (from goodreads.com)

“This is a great, funny book that takes readers into the heart of the music scene in London. It’s a travel book with a difference – as the author John Meyer cleverly weaves fiction and a travel memoir into one!” (from amazon.com)

Neil Jarvis believes that the wild and sexy Jordan is the best thing in his otherwise predictable life. So when she mysteriously disappears in England after their first big fight, he drops everything in order to search for her and win back her heart. Now while his journey begins in the rock ‘n’ roll wonderland of London, it unexpectedly leads him to the chaotic debauchery of Pamplona’s San Fermin Festival. And that’s where salacious secrets are uncovered that inevitably test Neil and Jordan’s roller coaster relationship—and threaten to tear them apart!


Bullets, Butterflies, and Italy front cover

Bullets, Butterflies, and Italy is also available for sale!

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Chatelaine magazine selected it as a November Best Book!
“…this is no Eat, Pray, Love. Instead it sets a fast and furious pace with destination unknown – but that’s the point.” Chatelaine, November 2011 issue

“If anything can reinvigorate your love for travel, this can…A fabulous hybrid genre that shows the vulnerability and courage in travelers to treat everyday like their last.” (from amazon.ca)

“I loved that this book combined not only a love triangle with danger (yay romance!) but also detailed descriptions of Italian culture, architecture and art history… A new genre: a “travel guide” combined with a great storyline… a story that can only happen when you find yourself in a strange country with a strange language.” (from amazon.com)

Zack Curtis truly dreads his thirtieth birthday. Estranged from his family and friends, he hopes his trip to Italy will lift his spirits and trigger the inspiration for a happier life.  But he soon offends an elusive mobster who threatens to turn his dream trip into a nightmare. From the spendor of Amalfi, to the grandeur of Rome, to the pageantry of Siena during its Palio Festival, John Meyer presents a unique travel memoir that masterfully combines a love story with an exhilarating adventure. Brimming with wit and humor, Bullets, Butterflies, and Italy is a literary travelogue enlivened with passion, jealousy, betrayal, and hope.


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