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London and Pamplona locations featured inside Bulls, Bands, and London!

Italian locations featured inside Bullets, Butterflies, and Italy!

Bulls, Bands, and London Maps

You can switch it from the satellite maps to a road map. You can zoom in; you can zoom out. You can even move the cursor around to move the map’s borders.

London Tour Map: Neil’s Day 1 Tour of London

A) On page 64, Neil says, “When it’s sunny in London, why would I want to be anywhere else?” And so begins his tour of London in pursuit of his missing girlfriend, Jordan. It begins at the Embankment Tube Station.

B) Neil then heads north on Villiers Street and turns left The Strand.

C) Neil soon looks for Jordan in Trafalgar Square. “Steps away from the pomp and prestige of Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square has faithfully provided London with an expansive city space for its people…created to commemorate the British victory over France in the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805…”

D) Neil eventually leaves Trafalgar Square and heads for Buckingham Palace. First stop: Admiralty Arch. “Somewhat poetically, the building separated the hubbub surrounding Trafalgar Square with the serenity of the monarch’s residence…”

E) Neil reaches Buckingham Palace. “It originated as a townhouse built for the Duke of Buckingham in 1705. In 1761, George III bought it as a private retreat for his wife, Charlotte…”

F) Neil soon heads south and walks along Birdcage Walk.

G) Neil then heads south on Storey’s Gate towards Westminster Abbey. “Spooky in a rainstorm, menacing against the blue sky, the spiritual structure seemed more intimidating than consoling…”

H) After Westminster Abbey and Great Smith Street, Neil heads west on Great Peter Street towards The Speaker pub. “Do all the streets in Westminster need to include the word ‘great?’ It’s a little cheeky…”

I) After The Speaker, Neil retraces his steps back to Westminster Abbey and turns for Parliament Street. “The grand Gothic expanse of the Houses of Parliament, otherwise known as the Palace of Westminster, was now behind me. The location once housed the first royal palace until a fire destroyed most of it in 1512…”

J) Neil then walks along Parliament Street, or Whitehall, to return to Trafalgar Square to once again search for Jordan.

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Pamplona Map: Running of the Bulls Route

A) The bull run begins at the small corral at the north end of Calle de Santo Domingo. “Then we all heard it. BOOM! It was eight o’clock. The corral gate was open! Runners all over the course did one of two things: panicked and ran—or got out of the way and steeled themselves for what was about to happen…”

B) The bulls and runners run south on Calle de Santo Domingo.

C) Man and beast now fades east through the Plaza de Consistorial. “This was the town hall originally conceived by Carlos III in 1423 to politically unite the three bickering districts of San Nicolas, San Cernin, and Navarreria…”

D) Then they all turn for Calle de los Mercaderes where “a temporary wall (was) installed…forcing the bulls and the runners to ascend Calle Estafeta ensuring that they used the only route they needed—towards the bullring…”

E) Finally it’s the homestretch on Calle de la Estafeta where “this medieval street would be jammed with frantic runners trying to surge ahead of the charging bulls. It was straight and narrow and the longest section of the morning run—with nowhere to hide. And it sloped upwards so that the runners and the bulls had to race uphill…”

F) The final destination: the Plaza de Toros! Arrive too early and get pelted by beers and jeers from the crowd. Arrive too late and get locked out of the bullring. Arrive with the bulls and celebrate like champions!

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Bullets, Butterflies, and Italy Maps

You can switch it from the satellite maps to a road map. You can zoom in; you can zoom out. You can even move the cursor around to move the map’s borders.

Rome Tour Map #1: From Bar Nori to the Pantheon

A) On page 99, Franco says, “Today, I show you most beautiful things. But first, espresso.” The tour begins at the entrance to Via Cavour. The Bar Nori is just around the corner on the edge of Piazza del Cinquecento.

B) This is where Via Cavour ends and you turn eastward on Via dei Fori Imperiali.

C) The Roman Coliseum and the Arch of Constantine.

D) After walking alongside the Palatine Hill on Via di San Gregoria, you reach Via dei Cerchi and the remains of the Circus Maximus.

E) The Santa Maria in Cosmedin church and La Bocca della Verita, the Mouth of Truth.

F) Eastward lies the rubble of the Roman Forum. The marker points to the National Monument to Vittorio Emanuele II. Just south of that is the Piazza del Campidoglio.

G) Where Via del Corso intersects with Via del Caravita.

H) The Pantheon. On page 113, “The only reason the Pantheon still stands today is because the Byzantine Emperor, Phoras, donated the pagan temple to Pope Boniface IV back in 609 AD. Instead of tearing the temple down as many church leaders were eager to do, the grateful pope promptly consecrated the heathen building and re-named it the Church of Mary and All the Martyr Saints. But fourteen hundred years later, people still call it the Pantheon.”

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Rome Tour Map #2: From the Pantheon to the Sistine Chapel

A) On page 114, after inspecting the Pantheon, Antonella begs to see a Carvaggio masterpiece inside the San Luigi dei Francesi.

B) At Via delle Dogana Vecchia, the three travelers turn right. One block north stands the church with the Carvaggio paintings.

C) After the church, they head west on Via del Salvatore.

D) Then they travel south on Corso Rinascimento which is parallel to Piazza Navona (which they will visit three chapters later).

E) At Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, they walk west towards Vatican City.

F) They cross the Tiber River over the Ponte Vittorio Emanuele II.

G) At Via della Conciliazione, they head directly towards St. Peter’s Square.

H) St. Peter’s Square.

I) Ignoring the basilica for now, they exit through Via di Porta Angelica and follow the crowd towards the Vatican Museums.

J) They turn left at Piazza Risorgimento and briefly stand at the back of the huge line-up.

K) The Sistine Chapel. On page 131, “…We filed into the Sistine Chapel with rapidly beating hearts. An immediate sense of awe and wonder consumed us as we entered. Even without glancing up at the ceiling, there was a palatable aura of power in the air and I could feel the magnificence of Michelangelo. Standing on holy ground, I felt at one with history and greatness and God…”

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Rome Tour Map #3: From St. Peter’s Square to the Supperclub

A) On page 144, after inspecting St. Peter’s Basilica, the travelers hail a cab and head for the Spanish Steps.

B) The Spanish Steps.

C) After the chaos on the steps, they explore the expensive retail street of Via Condotti.

D) The Trevi Fountain.

E) After the magic of the fountain, Zack loses his companions on Via del Corso.

F) Lost and lonely, Zack hires a taxi and waits for his friends at Piazza Navona.

G) The Supperclub. On page 158, “…I lost my bearings until we reached the grim narrow alley of Via de Nari. Our dining location at number 14 held more promise for an unpleasant stabbing rather than a quality meal…Franco knocked and the door was opened by a slender-neck bouncer. No words were spoken. The greeter simply smiled and waved us into the building…”

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