Work & Creation

America’s best storytelling teacher. It doesn’t matter what you want to write (novel, screenplay, TV sitcom, play,
or short story), John Truby can help you with your literary creation.

Now that you’ve written your book, Keidi Keating can help you with the next logical step: editing and publishing it.
And if you’re really stuck, she’ll even ghostwrite it for you.

If you’ve ever thought of assembling your own book club, these ladies from Newfoundland could be your inspiration.
Check out their active website and Facebook page. They even have book giveaways and posted reviews of their monthly picks.

One of the best Toronto bookshops is Another Story Bookshop. They specialize in social justice, equity, and diversity – and thankfully that diversity includes unique travel books like Bullets, Butterflies, and Italy!

Play & Inspiration

When visiting London, be sure to visit The Troubadour, Earls Court’s most famous café. It not only has delicious food, it also boasts a downstairs club, a wine bar, a small art gallery, and a luxury rental apartment upstairs. Hey, you could spend the whole day at The Troubadour from breakfast to bedtime!

No fan of rock ‘n’ roll can ever visit London without making a pilgrimage to Camden Town. Want to hear the next Blur or the next Oasis? Then kick off your pub crawl at The Enterprise! Poised on top of Haverstock Hill, The Enterprise is a piece of rock ‘n’ roll heaven with good eats and drinks downstairs and even better live music upstairs!

If you’re traveling to the Amalfi coast, be sure to stay at the Hotel Lidomare in the town of Amalfi—just like Zack Curtis!
Perfect location, wonderful rooms, and a very helpful owner who will take care of all of your needs!

Now if you’re visiting Florence, please do yourself a favour, and check out nearby Siena! The best time to visit is in July and August during the city’s Palio Festival. And the best place to stay is at the Hotel Italia. It’s located right outside the walls of the historic centre, just a few steps from all the fun!

Now if you’re visiting Pamplona, especially during its San Fermin Festival, check out this comprehensive guide to all the madness including information on accommodation and the best Pamplona parties, how to reserve balcony spots and bullfight seats, and practical advice on running with the bulls!

Now here’s a comprehensive guide on where to find English-language bookstores throughout Europe from Aalst, Belgium to Zurich, Switzerland. Now you can travel freely in Europe without the fear of running out of things to read!

If food’s your passion, Dana Jackson’s got a tasty website for you as she shares her culinary adventures while she raises her young family.

Meg Pearson is a true inspiration. After a rollercoaster life involving several setbacks that would shake anyone,
Meg brings a smile to your face with her sunny outlook on her blossoming future.

It’s about time somebody gave us a road map on how to live life in the suburbs! Stephanie’s a busy mom who still finds time for travel and fun. And you can too!


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